Nowadays I obtained a message from a single of my website visitors. His European sweetheart asked him to assist her economically to obtain a visa to visit him in the us. This man composed in my opinion that she he fulfilled her on-line via some totally free internet dating site got identified the local traveling company who could help her fast having a visa, however, for this ‘fast process’ she required more income then she already presented this firm coming from all her cost savings and she inquired her American buddy to assist her. Give thanks to our god this guy sensed a little bit uncomfortable concerning this and that he chosen to authenticate if this can be real. For this reason he located my website and requested my recommend and opinion.

Russian women or women the majority of them are younger, in the twenties can be quite persuading that they can ‘honestly’ can get a visa to check out you, through the help of the local agency they individual know. She tries to clarify you that they may organize these kinds of wonder visas making use of ‘special’ methods. But, needless to say, these visas fees over the official visas you apply in the US Embassy. Effectively, to unravel this major key about miracle visas, they simply do not exists. Despite these youthful, European young girls are letting you know, it is actually not possible to purchase an US visa only to check out you with your land.

The primary US visa types you have are: traveler, enterprise, and university student, doing work, K3-husband or wife and K1-Fiancee visas. Some of these Russian beauties are trying to influence you that they may have a student visa. And also this sort of visa is difficult to have and you should complete a specific process to get this kind of visa. Besides that, you want the assistance of an US recruit or established research. To obtain a traveler visa is merely available for a certain group of people, but not necessarily for the single, younger, wonderful European girl who wishes to go to her close friend in the united states.

Q: How can i be eligible for a U.S. low-immigrant visa?

A: An experienced candidate to get a U.S. non-immigrant visa will be able to demonstrate binding sociable, family, and/or monetary ties to Russia which, in the judgment of the consular representative, make up a powerful will need to return to Russian federation following a short-term trip to the United States. Area 214b from the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act needs a consular police officer to believe that a visa applicant promises to immigrate to America before the individual offers adequate evidence on the contrary. To learn more, Dich vu visa Nhat Ban please visit the area on promoting paperwork that will go with a visa program.