When it comes to storage, it can describe as the marketing function that comprises holding goods usually between the production’s time and the final sale. It mainly bridges the gap between the time usually goods are produced and when these are ultimately consumed time. Because always there is a time gap between consumption and production. The storage comprises proper arrangement making for retaining goods. Generally, in the perfect state without qualities and properties losing till these are required. Mainly the ultimate consumer and to the market taken and thus creates both place and time utilities. Just like easy storage singapore the service availability is across the globe.


⦁ Time utility creation- The products are there are continuously produced throughout the year while there is seasonal consumption. It enables good availability for buyers whenever there is demand.
⦁ Stabilizing Prices- It is mainly for stabilizing prices by goods availability making in the market along with the demand.

Reason for storage need

⦁ There is a need for producers making for the goods storage sufficient arrangements.
⦁ Certain commodities for improving the quality have to be stored like tobacco curing, liquor, etc.
⦁ Raw materials need to be stored for enabling continuous production without even stopping.


It can be concluded that if communication and transportation define the breadth and length of the market area then the storage and its accompanying finance function offer depth to the market. Or simply storage is the preserving goods process from the time they generated till for consumption they are required.