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There is nothing worse in life than a bad garage opener. You might think that I am exaggerating but wait and listen. I would guess that many of you readers are people that are well past your third decade of life, even fourth if you want my opinion. And some of you already know why I stress the problem of garage doors and proper garage door openers.


Imagine, or don’t, that you worked hard and you want to get a good 8 or 9 hours of sleep.  And in the dark hour of night you hear that terrible noise you have been listening lately, garage doors. Your son, or daughter came back from wherever they were and you wake up as they open the garage door  and they screech. And your sleeping is interrupted.

   When that happens think about buying new garage door opener, one with more quality, even though the price might be a bit higher.

chamberlain-WD962KEV-1._V146703262_But price will not be an  issue if you buy Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive garage door opener. This garage door opener has received an award on the site that seeks Best garage door openers on them market. Now, this is a garage opener you want, and which will keep your sleep peaceful.

You will still hear tracking noise, but you will be free from the noise of the garage door opener motor. That will help. And don’t think that this garage door opener is weak, because it is powered by 75 HP. It will be able to lift even the old heavy doors without making any motor noise.igt_-_Mi-garage-door-opener-service

It possesses back-up battery that will keep it in working order even during power outages. And when the power outage happens the battery will provide 40 actions of either open or close. That is calculated for the first 20 hours of the power outage.

It has a timer for closing a door ( just set after how many minutes you want your door to close, and it will ). You have three setting for the times and they are there to fit anyone .

MyQ Smartphone Garage Door Opener

It also has safety features that are required to prevent it closing on a person or another object. Those features will provide safe passing under doors that are about to close. They will retract to prevent any harm.This is done with powerful infrared beam sensor. This sensor will retract the door if it detects anyone or anything  on its closing trajectory. If something touches the door it will automatically stop any action it was doing.

  Remote entry protection that comes with burglary deterrence is also one of the features Chamberlain premium gives to its owners.

With this garage opener you will get a large ( oversized ) control panel with an on/off commands, that can turn your garage opener off, to lock your garage, or to shut down doors to prevent accidents if you are working something, and you pass under the doors on multiple occasions in short period of time.


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